Nurse Call

Nurse Call systems are an important life safety necessity that all Assisted Living, Long term, Rehabilitation, Transitional care and Surgery centers. This provides patients and residents the comfort and peace of mind when they are going through medical or geriatric times. Nurse Call systems come in three basic styles, each have their own application on what facility they can be used in:

  • Visual Nurse Call This type is the most basic of system where you have a call button at the bed, pull station next to the toilet or shower, a dome light outside the room and a Light and Tone panel at the nurse station to notify there is a call going off. This is a non-processor based system and is stand alone.

  • Wireless System These systems are mainly only used in an assisted living environment. This system can do everything the visual system can and also has a PC based master that can show calls on screen and add more functions like reporting, pagers and emailing.

  • Wired Processor Based System This type can do everything that the first two systems can, plus add reporting, pagers, phones, emailing, pillow speakers and touch screen master stations at the nurse station. No matter if you have a small Nursing home, Rural hospital or Clinic Hiscall Inc. can meet all your needs.

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