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Funny Video: Need CCTV or Video Surveillance? The Nashville/Knoxville Team Speaks

The Hiscall team members talk about CCTV, Video Surveillance, Remote Video Monitoring and other aspects about video surveillance and security. Are you able to see what happens when an alarm goes off? Do you have a problem with employee theft? Do you know who’s in your building? Is your workplace safe?  […]

3 Reasons Keyscan Access Control Is Replacing Traditional Keys For Organizations Nashville/Knoxville

[youtube][/youtube] With Access Control from Hiscall, Inc. and Keyscan you can regain control and security of your facilities. 1. Avoid unauthorized office key duplication and re-distribution. Don’t lose control of your building or facility. 2. Employee or tenant turn-over. When employees or old tenants leave with your keys you run […]

Nashville/Knoxville Area Pelco Indoor/Outdoor Dome IP Cameras Have A Security Solution For Any Environment

Pelco Inc., is a world leader in design, development and manufacture of video security systems and equipment ideal for any industry.  Pelco offers many different types of IP cameras for virtually any situation or environment. While most integrated network cameras offer only two optics packages, Camclosure IP Network Camera Systems […]