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Nurse Call systems are an important life safety necessity that all Assisted Living, Long term, Rehabilitation, Transitional care and Surgery centers. This provides patients and residents the comfort and peace of mind when they are going through medical or geriatric times. Nurse Call systems come in three basic styles, each have their own application on what facility they can be used in:

2710, 2011

“TekTone Healthcare Communications” – TekTone HTS Breakout Session

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TekTone Sound and Signal will be sponsoring the first breakout session of the second day of the Hiscall Technology Showcase.  “TekTone Healthcare Communications” will be presented at 9:00am on Thursday, November 3rd.

TekTone designs and manufactures Nurse Call, wireless emergency call, apartment entry, radio picket paging and areas of rescue assistance systems.

A trusted leader in health […]

2208, 2011

Heritage MedCall Wireless Emergency Call Solutions Aids In Senior Facility Management

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Heritage MedCall has been providing a reliable, cost effective Emergency Call Solution for the senior housing market since 1989.  The same attention to detail went into the development of their Freedom wireless system.

Sentry Freedom is a fully wireless system while still including the same great features of Heritage’s hard-wired system.  Sentry Freedom sends redundant messages […]

1105, 2011

Nursing Home Week: TekTone Nurse Call Systems Promote Safety In Senior Living Facilities

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May 8th-14th is National Nursing Home Week.  We would like to extend thanks the staff and volunteers and recognize the hard work and dedication that goes into each day of service.

Thank you to all the dedicated Nursing Home Staff members.

TekTone Nurse Call Systems give nursing home residents and patients dependable safety and security through their […]

2211, 2010

Concerned About Patient Safety? TekTone’s Nurse Call Systems Ensure Help Is Just A Button Push Away

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Recently Sam Watkins, Southeastern Regional Sales Manager of TekTone sat down and spoke with us about some of the applications TekTone is able to offer healthcare facilities. TekTone’s Nurse Call Systems allow easy monitoring and promote safety in health care environments. In additions to designing and manufacturing nurse call systems, TekTone also offers wireless emergency […]