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New Year’s Resolutions? How About Getting BICSI Certified?

The new year is here, 2014, time to start fresh with new goals and things we want to, no will, accomplish. Your potential checklist might include: Exercise Eat healthy Volunteer more . . . Get BICSI certified? Don’t put it off one more year. Hiscall is a BICSI Authorized Training […]

Video: Is Your Structured Low Voltage Cabling Installer BICSI Certified? Expert RCDD – Don Attwood Sr. Explains The Difference

[youtube][/youtube] The Hiscall Marketing Team recently interviewed Don Attwood Sr. – RCDD and asked him why a business should hire a BISCI Certified installer. Sid Smith: When you’re looking for quality Low Voltage Cabling installer or technician you need to make sure that they’re BICSI certified.  We’re here in one […]

BICSI Training Nashville/Middle TN-Hiscall Has An Authorized BICSI Training Facility Specializing In Cabling Design

[youtube][/youtube] Hiscall is a BICSI Authorized Training Facility and has been BICSI certified since 2004. Two of Hiscall cabling partners are Quiktron and Superior Associates. Our trainer, Don Atwood, Sr., has 20 years of military experience plus 21 years of experience in cable installation, serving as lead technician, project manager […]