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Telephony continues as the lifeline of most businesses today. Access to real time information is increasingly demanded. This means associates, customers, and partners expect answers to questions, solutions to problems, and collaboration of ideas in new and creative ways. Even when other means of communication are available, there are times and situations you just need to speak with someone. There is a confidence in speaking with an experienced subject matter expert who is knowledgeable enough to assist you.

2103, 2016

Two Ways to Protect Your IT Investment While Leveraging the Cloud

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You’ve spent years building a rock solid, reliable and secure communications framework. The business environment today demands that you continue to be smart about your IT investment, delivering the latest technologies within budget. One of the challenges you may be facing is how to maximize your current phone system while addressing demands for expansion and […]

1403, 2016

Hybrid Unified Communications: The Best of Both Worlds

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As the person responsible for IT in your company, you’ve likely faced many tough decisions about how to manage your communications technology while meeting the changing demands of your business.  One decision facing many of our customers is the choice between an onsite (premise) phone system and moving their communications platform to the cloud.

Here’s the […]

1501, 2016

FAQ: Carrier Services

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What is a carrier?
According to Newton’s Telecom Dictionary, one of the definitions of a carrier is “A company which provides communications circuits.”

Put simply a carrier provides dial tone to homes and businesses. AT&T, Comcast and Windstream are all carriers.

How can Hiscall help with my carrier services?
The process of getting an issue resolved with your carrier […]

1812, 2015

UPS Basics: Knowledge is Power

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By:  Chuck Culwell

An uninterruptible power system (UPS) is the central component of any well-designed power protection architecture. A UPS provides power conditioning and backup power when utility power fails. I recently encountered a power event at my house. A power hit came in through my house’s electrical infrastructure and created havoc with my home network. The […]

1012, 2015

Video-TriVium’s SonicView Call Recording Solution

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TriVium’s SonicView Call Recording solution offers businesses several options when it comes to call monitoring.  Need to remember an important detail from that last conference call?  Evaluate call center employees?  Improve customer satisfaction?  SonicView can help.

SonicView offers:
-Call Recording
-Call Reporting
-Speech Analytics
-Customer Interaction and Evaulation
-Screen Recording
-Comprehensive Analytics
-Quality Monitoring

Watch the video below and give us a call if […]

2511, 2015

Knoxville-Area Business Journal’s 2015 Telecommunications Providers List

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The Knoxville-Area Business Journal has put out their list of area telecommunication provider scored according to the number of local employees.  We are very excited that Hiscall was included in that list!

View the full list here.

At Hiscall, we are dedicated to service and our technical staff is unparalleled.  We are the largest privately held telecommunication […]

2804, 2015

Combining Desk Phone and Tablet – NEC’s New UT880

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Imagine a desk phone, combined with a tablet, with the functionality of both. Dream no more. NEC’s new UT880 telephone is exactly that.

Change the way you look at your desk phone.

The UT880 is a combination of a traditional desk phone and tablet. Its unique design allows users the best of both worlds. It has a […]

1401, 2015

It Takes Only One to Make a Party

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By: Chuck Culwell

Recording calls can provide invaluable information and protection to businesses and call centers. In a previous Hiscall blog “Why Does Everyone Want to Record My Calls”, we discussed the benefits of call recording and quality monitoring software to help your business capture customer calls to assess customer service performance, settle disputes,  and maintain […]

212, 2014

Why Does Everyone Want to Record My Calls?

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This conversation is being recorded for training purposes.

Your call may be recorded or monitored for quality assurance.

You have probably heard different variations of this standard call greeting. Businesses and call centers record and monitor calls for reasons ranging from staff training to quality assurance. While call recording may seem like an […]

1208, 2014

New 629 Area Code Overlay to Begin Within The Tennessee 615 Area Code

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Contact Hiscall by September 30, 2014 to receive a
FREE Area Code Impact Analysis for your company!
  Call (866) 740-7771 or fill out the form Here

505, 2014

Video: Carrier Services Questions? Find Out How Hiscall Can Help

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Hicall’s Carrier Services Manager, Cherie Sulzer, takes some time to answer our questions.  Watch below and let us know if Cherie can help you navigate the world of carriers.

2401, 2014

Kari’s Law: Helping Remove Barriers to Dialing 911

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In December 2013 Kari Hunt Dunn took her 3 children to a hotel to meet with her estranged husband, Brad Dunn. When Dunn arrived, he allegedly attacked Kari and proceeded to assault her in the bathroom. During the attack, Kari’s 9 year old daughter attempted dial 911, unaware that she must dial 9 […]

801, 2014

NEC Recognized with Lowest Total Cost of Ownership – Nemertes Research Ranks NEC with the Lowest First-year Total Costs

By |January 8th, 2014|News, Voice|0 Comments

In results published by Nemertes Research, NEC ranked as number one with lowest first-year Total Cost of Ownership. NEC Corporation of America is a leading provider of cost effective communication solutions. They serve multiple vertical industries including Finance, Government, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing and Retail. Whether your business or organization is large or […]

910, 2013

Hiscall Trained and Certified in NEC SV8300

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A few weeks ago the Hiscall hosted the NEC SV8300 team for some hands on training. Several of our technicians went through week long training on the ins and outs of the SV8300 systems, programming and installation.

Bruce Moore, a Hiscall PreSales Engineer Manager praised the training. “The courseware was well written and the […]

2606, 2013

Hiscall, Inc. Recognized for Increased ShoreTel Solution Sales

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Dickson, TN June 2013

Hiscall, Inc. has been recognized by the Society of Brilliant Resellers for increased ShoreTel sales from one quarter to the next. Hiscall and ShoreTel have been partnered since 2006 to provide customers quality communication systems and excellent support.

ShoreTel’s solutions are easily managed in house or by your telephony provider and are built to […]