If there is one program that exemplifies Hiscall’s dedication to customer service it is the H.E.R.O. program.

H.E.R.O. (Hiscall Emergency Response Operations) encompasses Hiscall’s entire service infrastructure, mobilized to provide Hiscall customers with access to a level of service investment, responsiveness and expertise that other providers simply cannot match.

Many disruptions in business, whether they be from natural disaster or manmade, can neither be anticipated nor controlled – but their impact can be mitigated by a dedicated rapid response. The Hiscall H.E.R.O. program is designed and equipped to deploy at a moment’s notice and deliver the solutions Hiscall customers need within a timeframe that minimizes delays and organization-wide impact.

Elements of the Hiscall H.E.R.O. program include:

  • 45+ Fleet vehicles
  • Service Hotline equipped and staffed for standard service inquiries and rapid emergency response
  • BICSI certified designers and technicians
  • Company-owned aircraft to deliver technicians & equipment within hours
  • Disaster Recovery Service
  • Emergency Response Operations