Repair Services

Realizing that our customers’ communication infrastructure is vital to their business, Hiscall is committed to ensuring exceptional support. Our certified technicians can be on your site or remotely repair and support your system. Hiscall fleet vehicles are monitored with GPS to allow dispatchers to send the closest technician to your location. Hiscall is equipped to support customers coast to coast.

• Repair/Maintenance
• Programming/Trouble shooting
• Remote Support and Repair
• SMART – System Monitoring and Alarm Response Tool


Even the most current and robust communications systems will under-deliver if the people within the organization who use it on a day-to-day basis, or those responsible for administering it aren’t adequately trained. Hiscall offers a variety of training to ensure you and your employees are able to reap the maximum benefits from your communication system.

• End User
• Administrative

Hiscall Support Agreement

The Hiscall Support Agreement provides Hiscall customers with the peace of mind that comes with a managed-cost approach to supporting and maintaining every element of their communication system. Among the benefits of a Support Agreement, customers realize direct savings by avoiding parts, labor, help-desk and service trip charges, and they also enjoy priority dispatch statues should an issue arise. The Hiscall Support Agreement policies formalize the company’s commitment to delivering excellence in customer service and setting the highest standards for satisfaction.

Carrier Services

Hiscall is a Carrier Consultant. We will work with you and your business to find the best rates and service for existing or new local, long-distance, internet, or Wide Area Network services.  Learn more


Hiscall’s tailors its implementation methodology to each customer, based on their level of technological sophistication, their staff-level comfort with technology, their set of budgetary and performance expectations and their timeline. A structured implementation method ensures that each Hiscall customer’s timetables and functional expectations are met.