Additional Services

Hiscall is your one-stop resource for business communications. Since 1996, Hiscall has provided exceptional service to our customers. Hiscall customers enjoy a level of confidence that can come only from partnering with a single-point-of-contact for their communication needs. Our success lies in the continually-expressed satisfaction and referrals of our loyal customers.

Hiscall Support Agreement
The Hiscall Support Agreement provides Hiscall customers with the peace of mind that comes with a managed-cost approach. Among the benefits of a Support Agreement, customers realize direct savings by avoiding parts, labor, help-desk and service trip charges, and they also enjoy priority dispatch status should an issue arise. The Hiscall Support Agreement policies formalize the company’s commitment to delivering excellence in customer service and setting the highest standards for satisfaction.

Hiscall Support Agreement Offers: –

  • Free 30 minutes of help desk /remote support per occurrence
  • Preventative maintenance visits
  • Remote trouble resolution
  • Free trip charge for maintenance problems
  • Qualified, trained, certified personnel
  • Priority response time
  • 24/7/365 alarm monitoring and notification
  • Priority dispatch on repairs and move, add, change (MAC) work
  • Priority access to more than 14,000 new and refurbished replacement parts in inventory
  • Support of legacy equipment

Hiscall understands that the support and maintenance we provide are just as vital to its customers as the system hardware and software we sell. As providers of advanced, mission-critical communications systems, Hiscall structures its comprehensive support agreements to optimize system performance, ensure stability and minimize the duration and impact of any disruption to customer operations, should an issue occur. Service is more than a piece of paper; it is a commitment.

Managed Services
Hiscall’s Managed Services is an equipment and support package that incorporates the service of the Hiscall Support Agreement. Managed Services is our no-hassle solution for businesses looking to simplify their communication investment.

For a fixed, affordable monthly payment, Managed Services includes:

  • Equipment
  • Dispatch services
  • Carrier services support
  • Installation

Hiscall owns and maintains the equipment at the customer site with no surprise costs or upfront installation. Let our team ensure your communication system will fit your current and future needs.

Priority Service

Our typical response time is 15 minutes, night or day.

  • Priority dispatch on repair and move add change (MAC) work
  • Preventive maintenance visits – Keeps the system in top shape and helps prevent disruptive out-of-service calls.
  • Migrations, Additions and Expansions easy to manage
  • Remote trouble resolution – Quick response, less down time over dispatch. Between 80% and 90% cleared remote.


The parts you need, in stock…today! We keep over 2 million dollars of inventory on hand for same day quick response. Managed Services/Hiscall Support customers have priority access to parts. Parts and labor are free for items covered under Managed Services.


Our Technical staff is the backbone of our service!

  • Qualified, trained, certified, & knowledgeable personnel – Over 50% of staff are certified technicians and engineers.
  • Hiscall keeps all manufactures certifications current at all times.
  • Full-Service Business Partner – Certified Technicians, Project Managers, Software Specialists, On-site Trainers, Account Consultants, Cabling, Data & TSO
Carrier Services
Hiscall, Inc. is your carrier consultant. We will work with your business to provide the best rates and service for existing or new local, long-distance internet, or Wide Area Network services.

We have the ability with many of our partners to design integration into their voice and high speed internet access, which can consist of MPLS circuits, SIP circuits, Analog (POTS) lines, PRI / T-1 and/or the combination of all these most efficient best pricing services.

As a Carrier Consultant, Hiscall will:

  • Coordinate installation dates with multiple vendors.
  • Audit and resolve billing issues with the network provider.
  • Place orders for new services, coordinate installation dates with multiple vendors.
  • Report repair issues to the carrier and follow-up with results.
  • Provide competitive quotes from top leading carriers.
  • Assign a project manager to confirm orders and assist with any cutovers.
  • Assist with carrier services in all 50 states.
  • Work from start-to-finish to provide a “one-stop-shop” for all the carrier needs.
  • Match you with the best carrier for your business & telephony equipment.
  • Search for the best pricing available from carriers.
  • Be a single point-of-contact for all telephone / technology equipment
  • Eliminate carrier vs. phone manufacturer battles.

Hiscall will propose a solution that will deliver value to your business and provide you help at every turn during the process. We have a dedicated person with 30+ years of experience working with multiple carriers as your advocate. Hiscall maintains a close partnership with the region’s major carriers—we communicate with the carriers so you don’t have to.

Allow Hiscall the task of obtaining services through the most appropriate carrier and then if problems arise with your carrier service, just call us. It’s one less thing you’ll have to address – which gives you the opportunity to pay attention to what you do best – your business.

BICSI Training
Hiscall is your premier BICSI-authorized training facility located in Middle Tennessee. BICSI standards and guidelines are the highest standard of quality in the industry. There is a direct link between the quality of the infrastructure and the strength of the communication system. Hiscall understands that link. BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Services International) encompasses the design, integration and installation of:

  • Pathways and spaces
  • Fiber- and copper-based distribution systems
  • Wireless-based systems
  • Infrastructure that supports the transportation of information between communications and information gathering devices

Hiscall hosts BICSI training at our Dickson facility. Each class runs for a week. There is a separate class for each level of BICSI Installer. Click here BICSI 2019 to learn more about the BICSI Installer and Technician Classes currently being offered.

About the Trainer:
Joseph Hines is Hiscall’s BICSI certified trainer. He is a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) with 14+ years of experience in the Infrastructure field. No job is too small or too large for him to handle.

End User and Administrative Training
Hiscall offers a variety of training to ensure you and your employees are able to reap the maximum benefits from your communication system. Even the most current and robust communications systems will under-deliver if the people within the organization who use it aren’t adequately trained.

  • Understanding all the features and functionalities
  • Increase employee efficiency
  • Protect your image by not dropping or fumbling a call or transfer

We can provide both end-user and administrative training. The goal of end-user training is to give customers a working knowledge of their phone system capabilities. Training generally takes place during implementation of a system, but we recognize that employees come and go and are available to conduct new employee training at any time.

The customer, depending on his needs, determines the goal of administrative training. Functions such as setting up new users, scheduling auto attendants and changing end-user privileges are some of the features covered.

Emergency Response (HERO)
If there is one program that exemplifies Hiscall’s dedication to customer service it is the H.E.R.O. program. H.E.R.O. (Hiscall Emergency Response Operations) encompasses Hiscall’s entire service infrastructure, mobilized to provide Hiscall customers with access to a level of service investment, responsiveness and expertise that other providers simply cannot match.

Many disruptions in business, whether they be from natural disaster or manmade, can neither be anticipated nor controlled – but their impact can be mitigated by a dedicated rapid response. The Hiscall H.E.R.O. program is designed and equipped to deploy at a moment’s notice and deliver the solutions Hiscall customers need within a timeframe that minimizes delays and organization-wide impact.

Elements of the Hiscall H.E.R.O. program include:

  • 45+ Fleet vehicles
  • Service Hotline equipped and staffed for standard service inquiries and rapid emergency response
  • BICSI certified designers, system technicians and system engineers
  • Company-owned aircraft to deliver technicians & equipment within hours
  • Disaster Recovery Service
  • Emergency Response Operations