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Take a moment and look at your recent carrier phone bill … go ahead … we’ll wait. We’re willing to bet it’s gone up – A LOT.

Hiscall Voice Connect uses SIP trunks instead of costly, inflexible analog lines and PRI circuits. Hiscall Voice Connect offers clear call clarity, reliability, and can connect to legacy equipment. Many options are available, and transitioning to a data circuit and migrating the lines can offer many benefits, including updated technology and features. You have nothing to lose other than paying too much.

With federal regulatory changes to plain old telephone service (POTS) prices now in effect, many companies still relying on analog telephone lines are in a vulnerable situation that can cost businesses hundreds of dollars or more monthly. We are seeing clients holding out on replacing these analog lines now facing substantial cost increases in their carrier monthly bills.

If you are shocked by the increase in these phone lines – contact Hiscall to discover options for some relief.

Plus, we have local, TN-based support with a proven track record of reliability and quick response time. Sunsetting POTS lines to Hiscall Voice Connect will be a painless experience. You will even be able to keep your current phone numbers!

If you are looking for replacement options for your analog POTS lines, contact Hiscall for a free cost-saving analysis.

Now is the time to start a conversation and start saving $$$.

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