Hiscall Cloud Services

Cloud services are no longer the future: they are the present!  With technology constantly evolving, investing in premise-based technology can be expensive and time-consuming. Hiscall Cloud Services is designed to fit your needs and budget, and comes with an unprecedented performance guarantee. Moving to cloud-based technology can increase your efficiency and deliver a simple, reliable and secure experience for your customers and employees alike.

Hiscall Cloud Services include:

  • Unified Communication Solutions Designed to Fit Your Needs and Budget
  • Flexible Features that are Easy to Operate
  • Unprecedented Performance Guarantee
  • Resiliency - Redundancy - Reliability
  • Point-to-Point Video Calling
  • Features Added Based Upon Your Business Needs (Pay Only for What You Need)
  • Call Monitoring
  • Unlimited Inbound and Outbound Minutes (US Only) with SIP Trunks
  • Voicemail with Unified Messaging
  • Conferencing
  • Continuous Software Updates

What is Hiscall Cloud Services?

Hiscall has developed Hiscall Cloud Services to offer for customers who want to move their communications to the cloud. Hiscall Cloud Services gives your business the flexibility of the having today’s unified communication technology without the upfront costs. Rather than purchase and maintain a premise-based system, Hiscall Cloud Services allows access and use of the system's features and services through a per-user basis, monthly subscription service.


Fits your needs and your budget

Give your business the flexibility of having today's unified communication technology without the upfront costs. Hiscall Cloud Services allows use of the systems through per-user basis, monthly subscription service.

Resiliency - Redundancy - Reliability

Hiscall Cloud Services is built on the HEC 3C Platform. This platform allows us to scale with demand, meaning we are ready to handle any spikes and shifts in usage patterns.

User-Friendly Feature Set

With phones and features that come with easy to use interfaces, all designed to improve the overall user experience while remaining intuitive-with no extensive training needed.

Continuous Software Updates

Experience the latest technology advances with your phone system, without the hassle. Automatically receive updates to keep your system running at its top efficient level.

Priority Dispatch Services

Know that you will be awarded with exceptional service should an issue arrive. You will experience a level of comfort from partnering with a knowledgeable, one-stop resource.

Unprecedented Performance Guarantee

Our service agreement comes with a performance guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of Hiscall Cloud Services at any time during the agreement, Hiscall will replace with a premise-based system. No-risk agreement!

Is my business is too small / too large for cloud?

Small businesses are starting to realize the benefits of cloud. As a replacement for old infrastructure or making large purchases as the business grows, cloud services allow scalability and convenience at a lower operating cost. Small businesses enjoy feature-rich systems, allowing them more with less cost and less maintenance. Large enterprises grow deploying systems on a scalable platform that is available when needed. In addition, with minimal to no hardware costs, the move to Hiscall Cloud Services is economical. And with the maintenance aspects taken care of by Hiscall, your IT team will focus on improving the business instead of maintaining it.

My business has already purchased an on-premise solution?

Even if your business has already invested in an on-premise solution, a hybrid deployment can be leveraged to get the benefits of a cloud solution without completely dismantling your current system. Hiscall Cloud Services will allow you to build the perfect technology platform for your business – based on your needs.

To learn more about current package offerings on Hiscall Cloud Services, contact your Hiscall Account Consultant today.