Email & Data Protection

Email continues to be the #1 attacked vector by cybercriminals.

Dramatic increases in the volume and success of phishing attacks and migration to cloud email require reevaluating email security controls and processes.

Despite the growth in more targeted attacks through other vectors, email is still the most common channel for opportunistic and targeted attacks and a significant source of data loss.

Backed by the best manufacturers in the business, Hiscall can deploy highly-effective security solutions, easy to purchase and easy to use. As cyber threats continue to evolve, some steps companies are taking:

  • Protection against URL-Based advanced threats
  • Complete coverage from social engineered cyberattacks such as phishing
  • Advanced threat intelligence
  • Powerful artificial intelligence that outsmarts attackers

Allow the Hiscall Team to provide you with solutions to help make your organization’s email and data safer.

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Email & Data Protection

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