Learn without limits. Allow Hiscall to provide communication technology products to your elementary, secondary or higher education facility. When we work together, we improve your professional status and the quality of education.

Solutions our educational customers are implementing now include:

  • Provide expandable Wi-Fi access to office, building or campus for indoor or outdoor coverage
  • Utilize auto-attendant to direct calls more efficiently. Sent voicemail to email. Enable use of one number to reach contacts thru seamless transfer to end-users’ cell phones
  • Low Voltage wiring for voice and data, done the correct way, at the highest BICSI standards
  • Use digital signage to inform people within your organization regarding activities and ways to get involved
  • Utilize CCTV security cameras for campus safety.
  • Cutting-edge audio visual technology in the classroom.
  • Carrier services management allows Hiscall to shoulder the details from quote to completed installation. Hiscall works with all carriers to find cost-savings and competitive quotes for services. Often, we can provide monthly savings that free up funds.