Premise-Based Phone Systems

A premise-based phone system is completely controlled and maintained by the business itself.

When most technology is migrating to Hiscall Cloud Services, there are some cases where a premise-based phone system is still the more appealing option.


The most obvious starting point when choosing which system suits your business better is what features each offer.


It's only natural preferring to have control over your assets. By choosing a premise-based phone system over one that resides in the cloud, the user will have more control


The provider's location of a hosted phone system is more than likely hundreds or thousands of miles away. Depending on your internet connection speed, having such a necessary tool as your telephone could be a risky move.


One of, if not the most significant factor that goes into a purchasing decision is the cost. Premise-based systems have up-front fees. These costs can initially appear like a burden to small to medium-sized businesses. The total cost of a premise-based phone system could seem significant at first but becomes quite appealing given the number of years you plan to use it compared to the ongoing costs of a hosted phone system over that same time.

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