The Audio Visual needs of an organization can be vast. Hiscall’s A/V portfolio encompasses solutions for organizations to enhance their current communications and effectively present their message, ideas and brand. We ensure we are always on track to technologies’ possibilities.

Hiscall offers Audio Visual solutions including:

Sound Masking
Keep private conversations private with Sound Masking. Sound masking is the “cover” portion of the equation. Sound masking is the addition of an unobtrusive background sound, similar to airflow, to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce distractions. The resulting environment leads to greater productivity, increased privacy and comfort. Reduce noise distractions and create a more productive workplace to improve your company’s bottom line.
Video Conferencing
Give your organization the power to connect and collaborate effectively. Video and audio conferencing has evolved to include all the modern ways enterprises meet – video, audio and web.
Digital Signage
Say goodbye to printed signs and hello to digital displays. Create high impact projects, and deliver visually rich experience to virtually any combination of screens. This technology enables the user to display video, audio, graphics and text with low acquisition and operational costs.
TV Displays
Share your message with the world on a professional and commercial display. These displays help you broadcast the information brilliantly. They are specially engineered for business applications and are offered in a wide range of sizes and varying capabilities.
Overhead Paging
Overhead paging can be an effective tool to quickly distributing information. We are experts in paging systems and sound design. Let Hiscall help your business, regardless of size, incorporate a new paging or sound system.
Interactive Whiteboards
An interactive whiteboard is a large interactive display. They are used in a variety of settings, including classrooms at all levels of education, in corporate board rooms and training rooms. Learn how to create an engaging experience using interactive whiteboards today!
Conference Room Control Systems
One touch is all you need to set up an engaging presentation. Control your A/V equipment with an effortless integrated system, offering a simple solution. Control systems can be placed on a presentation lectern, boardroom table, mounted flush onto a wall.
Projectors and Screens
Connect with your audience using a projector display. Available in a variety of lumens and mounts, Hiscall can assist you in deciding which projector will fit your business needs. Whether you need a wall – or ceiling-mounted screen, a ceiling-recessed screen, a tab-tensioned or free-hanging screen, Hiscall can provide the right screen for your business need.
Speakers and Microphones
Deliver unprecedented sound quality, with excellent reproduction of high and low tones, so composition sounds great and speech is crystal-clear. Hiscall is your trusted partner in selecting speakers and microphones for your business needs.

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