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Power problems? The good news is Eaton has UPSs to protect your servers and systems from all of them.   Powerware solutions include:  Uninterruptible power systems (UPSs), DC Power Systems, Management software, and Comprehensive services.  Below are the 9 power problems that can affect your business (or life in general).

1. Power failure

1. Total loss of utility power.

2. When a superhero loses his ability to fly

2. Power sag

1. Short-term low voltage

2. Post-lunch sleepiness

3. Power surge

1. Short-term high voltage more than 110% of normal

2. A rush of energy following double shot of espresso

4. Undervoltage (Brownout)

1. Reduced line voltage for an extended period of a few minutes to a few days

2. When your amp’s too wimpy to handle the bass line

5. Overvoltage

1. Increased line voltage for an extended period of a few minutes to a few days

2. Inhuman cheerfulness exuded by aerobics instructors

6. Line Noise

1. A high frequency power wave caused by RFI (Radio Frequency Interference)

2. EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) or excuse you use to get off the phone quickly.

7. Frequency Variation

1. A loss of stability in the power supply’s normal frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz

2. A fluctuation in how often you do laundry from week to week

8. Switching Transient

1. Instantaneous under-voltage in the range of nanoseconds

2. Breaking up with your significant other only to get back together every six months

9. Harmonic Distortion

1. The distortion of the normal power wave, generally transmitted by unequal loads

2. “Music” blaring from your nephew’s headphones.

For more information on power issues that could affect your business go to Eaton’s black out tracker:

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