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ADTRAN recently visited the Hiscall office to share their knowledge and great products with the Hiscall team. Todays topic: Blue Socket

ADTRAN’s Blue Socket Controllers and Access Points are a great solution for multiple locations where having to purchase and install multiple physical controllers is not practical. This solution is a virtual controller that runs in existing VMware servers.

Blue Socket wireless is secure. Authentication happens at access points instead of the controller itself, keeping it out of your network. The controller provides the management solution.

Unlike other solutions Adtran Bluesocket requires less bandwidth between the controller and the access points. It does not require all your wireless data packets to process through the controller allowing for a centralized controller and remote access points over WAN deployments.

The Bluesocket is also a great solution for dense user environments with the 1900 series offers over 100 users per access point.

ADTRAN is a leading global provider of networking and communication equipment. If you would like a demo of this or other ADTRAN solutions, contact your Hiscall Account Consultant or call 615-740-7771.

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