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What is an Alarm?  In any given facility, multiple safety and security alarms can be at work. Typically, these work independently of one another and serve only one function. Let’s use an example of a fire alarm. The alarm will only give an audio signal when a fire’s detected, but it provides no intelligence such as if it is a drill or the exact location of the fire.

What is an Alert (Situational Awareness)?  With situational awareness alerts, organizations can integrate all their alarms onto one alerting platform. This improves communication, workflow, and operations, especially in emergencies. The alerts give you situational awareness of the emergency, providing you with more intelligence. Situational awareness is about knowing what is going on around you, monitoring, and reporting. Situational awareness alerting technology can be designed around what you want to be notified of, whether you need mass notification, environmental monitoring, life safety, workplace security, or any combination. The more intelligence you have, the better you can address the emergency.

How can Hiscall help?  Hiscall, Inc. partners with trending manufacturer, Status Solutions, to deliver customized situational awareness alerting solutions. Together, we strive to offer security solutions to our customers in markets such as healthcare, education, and senior living. With a single alerting platform from Status Solutions, plus Hiscall’s quality service and knowledgeable team, you can control all of your alarm and communication systems from a central point, to improve life safety, security, environmental monitoring, and mass notification. Speak to a Hiscall Account Consultant to create a free demo, tailored to your needs.

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