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Determining how to secure your facility is an important decision. Creating the right mix of security features is important to ensure that your assets are protected, while not impeding day- to-day operations. Make your facility a secure environment by utilizing an access control system. Access control systems allow you to monitor and control entry points that include doors, elevator floors, parking gates or garage doors.

Access control tells you:

  • Who has been in a room or building
  • Which room they entered
  • When they entered
  • How long they were there

Access Control systems are about more than monitoring doors; they are an integral part of any security system and give users a convenient platform to manage their facilities. Traditional keys cannot track who and when people have access, and when keys go missing rekeying locks can be extremely expensive.

Access Control can also help with other issues:

  • Non-employees getting into rooms they are not supposed to
  • Prevent terminated employees that still have a key to your office from entering
  • Remotely unlock and lock doors in your building
  • Monitor areas and record entry/exit times for liability
  • Enforce a facility or area lock-down
  • Deter theft, robbery and break-ins



 Already have an existing access control system in place? Are you experiencing the following?

  • My access control system has become antiquated.
  • My current system doesn’t offer all of the features I need.
  • I am not pleased with the performance of the system.
  • I am looking to expand and am experiencing limitations.

Retrofitting an existing system is possible and in the majority of cases, the very same readers and credentials that are already installed at your facility can be utilized. Furthermore, the existing wiring, readers and electronic locking hardware to the system can also be reused. By re-using the existing infrastructure, the costs associated with updating an access control system can be significantly reduced, while the technology can be easily updated.

At Hiscall, our installation and service technicians are well-versed in the industry, and maintain a high level of competency through continuing education and training. Using Access Control systems, we deliver smart, reliable security solutions for your business. Let Hiscall become your trusted partner!

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