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vb11Attendees of HTS2014 had a chance to see and experience Hiscall’s brand new video wall during this year’s breakout sessions.  The wall consists of four 46-inch monitors stacked together to create a tiled effect.

After HTS we embedded the monitors in the wall of the lobby in our Dickson office to create a spectacular display.

These types of displays are extremely adaptable and can be created and managed with ease.  Video Walls can be of any size and any shape, even using screens of different sizes.  Video Walls can accommodate an unlimited number of screens.

Administrators can manage each screen independently, showing multiple dynamic content, or connect them together to present one large image. Touch screens are also an option.

Each screen runs off of a digital signage box so you can easily customize the display to fit your industry and business needs.  Digital signage usage is very versatile.   Boxes can stream TV and internet feeds, display pre-defined corporate messages or alerts, steam videos or display static information.

We’d love to show you our video walls in person.  Schedule your tour today – (866) 740-7771.

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