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It was a busy year for Hiscall in 2013. Their technical and support staff earned almost 200 technical certifications! More than 80% of these for proficiency in complex Voice, Data, Audio Visual, Security and Cabling solutions.

Well-recognized in Tennessee, HISCALL, INC. is a leading provider of advanced communication solutions. Their greatest strength is their technical prowess and heritage with over 1,000+ solutions deployed across a number of business sectors.

In order to provide these complex solutions, Hiscall maintains some of the highest levels of technical certifications of all vendors in the southeast region. Because technology evolves at such a rapid pace, Hiscall’s technical resources must invest hundreds of hours in training on an ongoing basis. With these certifications, their technical staff knows precisely what solutions to recommend followed by the expertise to properly design, implement, and maintain. This also allows them the unique ability to resolve technical issues in real-time during deployments.

In 2013 alone, technical and design certifications were earned from premier manufacturers including ADTRAN, Avaya, BridgeWave, BICSI, Cambridge Sound Management, Extreme Networks, InfoComm, Kramer, Leviton, Meru Networks, NEC, Polycom, ShoreTel and SpinetiX.

As a result of this commitment to technical excellence, Hiscall has some of the highest customer satisfaction rankings in the state of Tennessee. With all projects, they strive to demonstrate their technical expertise as well as their culture and engineering methodologies.

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