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By Buzz Clore:
ITNation 2012 – Orlando, Florida

Hiscall sent a team to the ConnectWise partner event, ITNation 2012, Nov 8 – 11. The team consisted of Buzz, Lynn, Sarah J., Lucas, Richard, Patricia, and Chuck – Note, Chuck and Patricia were especially busy because they had just finished attending the ShoreTel conference the day before.

Author Jim Collins was a Key Note speaker on Friday. His message was ensure you know your SMaC (Specific, Methodical, and Consistent) recipe and that you have a 20 mile march. In simple terms, be specific, methodical, consistent, and always keep momentum going forward at a steady pace, never stopping.

Hiscall had a presence in the Sales Transformation Workshop, the Financial Management Workshop, and the Service Management Workshop on Thursday. There were numerous breakout sessions held on Friday and Saturday, most notable were the ConnectWise 2012.2 – An In-Depth Look at the next release of ConnectWise; Quosal did a session on Quosal Sell; Report Builder Lab for custom report generation; An Introduction to the Project Module Lab where the project module was discussed; Sales and Marketing: A Powerful One-Two punch in ConnectWise discussed marketing campaigns and tracking results; and How to Drive Revenue Selling Managed Security Services looked at how to sell and provided Dell Sonicwall firewalls as a Managed Service. The one breakout that seemed to generate a lot of “buzz” was The Life/Work Balance Myth: Managing the Tension between the Workplace and Life. Did you know there are 168 hours in a week?

Many things were learned during ITNation, some of them are simple tweaks that have already been implemented, and others will take some time as we continue to grow our ConnectWise experience. The team was able to talk to other ConnectWise partners to see how they are using ConnectWise, potential workarounds, and just sharing experiences in general.


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