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The new year is here, 2014, time to start fresh with new goals and things we want to, no will, accomplish.
Your potential checklist might include:

  • Eat healthy
  • Volunteer more
  • Exercise

Get BICSI certified?

Don’t put it off one more year. Hiscall is a BICSI Authorized Training Facility, one of three in the state of Tennessee. We offer 4 levels of BICSI Installer classes.

  • Installer 1
  • Installer 2 Copper
  • Installer 2 Optical Fiber
  • Technician

Meet our Instructor
Joseph Hines is a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) with 14+ years of experience in the Infrastructure field.

Becoming BICSI certified will give you knowledge and expertise such as pulling wire and cable, terminating and testing copper and optical fiber cable and implementing BICSI best practices.

Get a head start on your next cabling project. Resolve to get BICSI certified in 2014.   For more information call 866-740-7771 or enter your information below.

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