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You’ve spent years building a rock solid, reliable and secure communications framework. The business environment today demands that you continue to be smart about your IT investment, delivering the latest technologies within budget. One of the challenges you may be facing is how to maximize your current phone system while addressing demands for expansion and requests for additional features.

A hybrid communication system may be the answer. Here are two ways you can protect your IT investment while leveraging the cloud:

1.     Maintain financial flexibility

A world class hybrid communication system lets you leverage current IT investment and quickly add new communication features without significant capital expense or additional headcount. It enables you to consolidate vendors and increase visibility while making a gradual transition to the cloud. That’s what ShoreTel Connect HYBRID does for you.

A ShoreTel Connect HYBRID solution gives you the ability to easily add users and locations as
your business grows. Because it leverages cloud technology, you don’t need massive investments of time or money to do it. That enables you able to focus on more strategic IT and business initiatives.

To give you maximum financial flexibility, choose whether you want to add business communication services as a capital or operational expense.  ShoreTel Connect HYBRID solution requires no significant capital expenditure or staff investment, and allows for faster deployment and updates.  It gives you a flexible way to place applications and other services where they’re needed, and pay for them as you go.

The end result is an adaptable and strategic approach to how you deploy your phone system technology.

2.     Maximize your investment

How can you maximize your investment? One way is to combine your current onsite communications system with hybrid applications. This eliminates the need for application upgrades and maintenance, saving you money.

A ShoreTel Connect HYBRID solution is also less complex than other unified communication systems.   Your staff gets the same ShoreTel Connect user experience at all locations, whether their call control is in the cloud or onsite.

A  ShoreTel Connect HYBRID solution is efficient and easy to use.

Protect you current investment while leveraging the cloud

A ShoreTel Connect HYBRID solution lets you select what you own and what you delegate to the cloud with increased financial flexibility.

ShoreTel Connect HYBRID gives you the ability to maximize the investment you’ve already made while giving you the ability to grow with the business.  Mix and match OPEX and CAPEX to give you full operational flexibility and save you money.

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