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SpinetiX is a high technology solution-focused corporation with solid expertise in networked digital video.

SpinetiX HMP100 is the first networked Hyper Media Player appliance dedicated to the professional digital signage industry. In this field it represents for final users, integrators and service providers a better alternative of choice to personal and industrial computers and proprietary dedicated software.

HMP100 offers a standard and simplified way to schedule, combine, update, animate, stream and display video, audio, vector graphics, pictures and text with low acquisition and operational costs. The rich set of functionalities offered by HMP100 simplifies the implementation, management and maintenance of effective and modern audio/visual communication solutions.

SpinetiX HMP100 is

Small and Robust-The HMP 100 stands out with its amazingly compact size.  You can hide it nearly anywhere.  The HMP100 is exceptionally robust and especially well suited for harsh environments thanks to the fanless design and the absence of any moving hardware parts.

Time Synchronized-All HMP100 devices on the network are time synchronized and work together seamlessly.  Video walls of any size can be created and managed with ease.

Open-The digital signage solution of SpinetiX is based on open protocols and formats.   As a result, with standard web based skills and freely available technologies, integration is straightforward and cost-effective.

Green-The power consumption of a HMP100 in action is only 2W.  That’s 20x less than a typical digital signage PC, with uses around 100W.

Serverless and Standalone-The HMP100’s do not require a proprietary server.  So with SpinetiX, you will never have to pay expensive recurring license fees.

Hiscall, Inc. can help with all your business communication needs.  For more information about SpinetiX digital signage please call your Hiscall Inc., Account Consultant directly, visit or call 866-740-7771.

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