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Situational Awareness & Response Assistant (SARA) is an automated alerting system and awareness engine that sends voice and text alerts via phone, email, etc. SARA provides a wireless sensor network, integration tools (to existing systems and devices) and broadcast communication in a single solution

SARA enables Situational Awareness by leveraging current generation tools like email, voice, web and wireless, to keep people aware and make them more productive. Regardless of your industry, your need to achieve situational awareness can be met by SARA.

Life Safety Assurance

SARA improves life safety by turning multiple alarming systems into a single managed alerting solution allowing for more efficient processes and faster response times.

Security Monitoring

The ability to monitor doors, windows, gates, equipment, etc. gives you the peace of mind that you will be alerted if a breech occurs. SARA helps mitigate risk to your business and your property by keeping you aware of all security related issues.

Environmental Awareness

If any of these devices sense a sudden environmental change (temperature levels, presence of smoke, flame, motion or moisture) or a system failure, SARA will alert the appropriate staff to address the issue before it becomes a major concern or even an emergency situation.

Mass Notification

It is vital that all effected persons be notified of security alerts, inclement weather updates, facility construction warnings, etc. SARA increases awareness, mobility and safety by providing an automated means of communicating both emergency and non-emergency alerts, activities and events.

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