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Have you ever heard the saying “the bad guy I know vs. the bad guy I don’t” as it relates to making a change to something new?

I hear that saying all the time when talking with people about why they are stuck on an outdated call center software platform. I’m not sure why “the bad guyl” gets all the credit, but basically it means I know what I get with the existing software provider (warts and all), but I don’t know what new issues I would have to deal with by switching to something new. So instead of making a change some decide to stick with the status quo.

Why Stay on an Outdated Platform?

I think there are a handful of reasons why people decide to stick with an outdated on-premises contact center platform rather than making a change:

  1. Fear of the unknown
  2. Perceived lack of control with a cloud contact center platform
  3. Investment protection – You’ve already dumped tons of money into your existing platform or perhaps your existing legacy provider offered significant discounts to keep you around (I wonder why they did that?)
  4. Data security or uptime concerns
  5. Training costs – “My staff knows the existing platform inside and out”
  6. “Aint Nobody Got Time for That”– Our IT department is already backlogged; they don’t have any time to implement a new system

While each one of those reasons may be legitimate at one time or another, eventually the daily pain you’re feeling with “the bad guy you know” will outweigh any concerns you may have about switching to a new cloud-based provider. Stop paying for expensive, time-consuming upgrades and stop using a variety of vendors to piece together a workable solution in your contact center.

Keeping up with Technology

Technology is changing very quickly all around us and the contact center industry is no different. Automation & AI, fraud detection with biometrics, process automation for repetitive agent tasks, and allowing your customers to contact you via a variety of digital channels are all new technologies that are changing the way contact centers do business.

It’s time to step into the 21st century with your contact center platform. Don’t get left behind using an outdated legacy provider. Take advantage of the latest and greatest technology that is available now as well as setting yourself up to receive that new stuff as it becomes available in the future (i.e. future proof your investment).


Adapted Source: NICE InContact

Author: Glen Remy (Sr. Manager, Market Intelligence, NICE inContact)

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