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Call abandon (or abandonment) rate refers to the percentage of calls that are abandoned before the customer speaks to an agent. Long hold times can cause a high abandon rate which leads to lower customer satisfaction and costs businesses money.

While it’s not possible to completely eliminate abandoned calls, they can be reduced. No one likes to wait on hold, but this is a great opportunity to reinforce to your customers that you value their business and their time. Implement these practices to improve customer satisfaction.

Know your peak times and adjust staffing to meet demands. It would be difficult to have the perfect amount of agents to handle calls at all times; however, you can attempt to minimize the effect of high volume calling periods. Scheduling additional agents during particularly busy times of the day or the year can lighten the load of your current agents and provide a better customer experience.

Give your customers the option to leave a phone number and receive a call-back when an agent is available. In this instance, a caller will wait on hold a few minutes before they hear the option to leave a call-back number or continue holding. After they leave their number they are free to go about their business, without losing their place in the queue, until an agent is free to help them. This is a great way to improve customer service by showing that you respect their time.

vide training for employees who will be dealing with customers on the phone.
In many cases call center employees have more interactions with customers than anyone else in the company. Therefore training for these employees is time and money well spent. Call accounting software can be very helpful in increasing productivity. Recorded calls allow the supervisor to listen back and make suggestions for improvement. Supervisors can also monitor call times, wait time and if the call was resolved or transferred.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, callers just hang up. That doesn’t mean the information is lost! Call accounting software and many phone systems can capture the caller’s phone number so someone in your organization can reach out to them. If abandoned calls are a concern for your business, call Hiscall today to discuss a solution. (866) 740-7771

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