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Hiscall celebrated the  Knoxville Open House and Ribbon Cutting on June 6th 2011.  Guests had lunch and were able to tour the new facilities.  Thank you to our customers and Hiscall employees for sharing in the festivities of the day.

Excerpts from the video of our interviewees:

Hi, I’m Angela Rogers, I am from Knoxville Tennessee and I take care of the Knoxville area, North Carolina and South Carolina.  We are at our customer appreciation and relocation.  I’m very fortunate to have the customers that I have and help and I enjoy it very much and we’re very excited out our new office.

Hi, I’m Angie Ingle with Covenant Health and have been doing business with Hiscall for about 15 years.  The quality of service and the added value that they bring to the table has been superior and we have really been codependent on their relationship as far as their advice and the strategic planning that they offer us and taking Covenant to the next level with our technology

Hi, I’m Scott Echternaught I work out of the east Tennessee office.  I just want to say congratulations to Gary and the whole Hiscall team on the ribbon cutting today.  This has been a great event we’ve had good customers here; the whole team has been here.  I’m looking forward to spending as much time as possible with the team for years and year to come.

Hi, I’m Mary Ann Johnson and I’m the office manager here in Knoxville.  I feel very blessed to work for such a wonderful company and I enjoy coming to work every day and I love our new office in Knoxville.

My name’s Kory Hill and I’m a systems engineer here at Hiscall.  Just enjoyed the opening day ceremonies here, enjoyed some time with our customers who we value a whole lot.  I enjoy working for Hiscall.

I’m Gary Beeler, I’m a project manager with Hiscall.  I’ve been here for eight and a half years.  I manage projects on the large Avaya product line.  I enjoy working at Hiscall because the people that I work with are easy to get along with, they’re willing to help you in whatever you need.  There’s never a time that anybody says ‘no that’s not my responsibility’.  We all jump in and do what it takes to get the job done.

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