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The Hiscall Marketing Team recently interviewed Don Attwood Sr. – RCDD and asked him why a business should hire a BISCI Certified installer.

Sid Smith: When you’re looking for quality Low Voltage Cabling installer or technician you need to make sure that they’re BICSI certified.  We’re here in one of the BICSI certified training facilities here in Dickson TN and I’m here with Don Atwood Sr.  What do you do here at the BICSI training facility?

Don Atwood Sr.: I am a Cable Installation Design Specialist as well as a BICSI certified trainer.

Sid Smith: What are the advantages of actually having a BICSI certified installer or technician come out when you’re having low voltage work or structured cabling?

Don Atwood Sr.: Well you know that if a technician carries a BICSI registration that that individual has been thoroughly trained in the proper installation of network transport system cabling, not only that but he’s familiar with the codes and standards.  He knows how to install the cable, he know how to firestop, he knows when he had to firestop, he’s been thoroughly trained.

Sid Smith: If you’re looking for a quality company to help with all of your low voltage cabling needs give Hiscall a call, we’ll be glad to assist you.

You can also watch the full interview here.

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