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Zeacom offers…simplicity.  Their UC solution was built on one single source code, from the ground up.

Zeacom Communications Center is truly unified.  With their ZCC = 1 + 1 + 1’ formula, Zeacom can provide UC through one server, one application and one administration interface.

  • ZCC is a single server product, while most other UC products in the market require separate servers, using different code bases
  • ZCC brings together Unified Messaging, mobility, conferencing, desktop telephony, contact center, operator console functionality and much more, in a single application.
  • ZCC offers a single administration environment, so that IT Managers only administer one interface.

Zeacom Reduces Costs with Unified Communications.

  • ZCC provides a truly unified communications solution that will dramatically bring down costs – because it’s built on a single code base.
  • ZCC unifies all your communications using one application and one administrator. Because Zeacom provides less infrastructure, less complexity and less drain on your resources, you will reduce your ongoing costs.

Low total cost of ownership – ZCC makes advanced large enterprise UC functionality available at a small enterprise price.

  • Reduce hardware costs, as you don’t need to run up to seven separate servers with disparate applications (usually developed on a different code base)
  • Minimize training and support costs, because all your staff work with only one application interface
  • Increase uptime, because implementation, maintenance and upgrades are straightforward.

A ZCC solution enables customers to earn back their investment.  Ask a Hiscall Account Consultant about Zeacom today!

Hiscall, Inc. can help with all your business communication needs.  For more information about Zeacom please call your Hiscall, Inc. Account Consultant directly, visit or call 866-740-7771.

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