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Remote Extension—Mobile Device Integration
Mobility is one of the biggest advantages of a new telephone system. You should expect your telephone system to allow you to have remote extensions both on and off site as well as the capability of integrating your office phone with your cell phone.

Easy Administration
The PC and web browser-based administration tools provide a simpler way to manage your telephone system. You now have a user-friendly and secure interface to perform administration tasks, to monitor the systems operating status, and to easily manage your telephone system using the internet.

Unified Messaging
Unified Messaging offers great benefits to your business. It allows you to have voice mail messages sent to your email inbox or text message. It also allows you to play received voice mail messages in your email client, your desktop phone, or have it call you on another telephone number and play the message. You are also given options to playback, forward, and reply to the voicemail or email.

Desktop / Laptop / Tablet Integration
Similar to Mobile Device Integration, a new phone system should do more than just make and receive calls. Your next phone system should make it easy for you to integrate your telephone with your Desktop / Laptop or Tablet. The integration of your telephone system with these devices will allow you to view status, instant message, control conference calls and use desktop software such as Outlook to make and receive calls.

Scalable Capacity
You will want to make sure your next telephone system is expandable in both the size and functionality. So when growth and new technologies occur within your business, your telephone system is able to accommodate.

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