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The Hiscall Marketing Department recently interviewed Steven Ross, one of our Data Design Engineers, about four reasons a business might want to upgrade their network.  The ratification of 802.11n and Power over Ethernet (P.O.E.) were just two of the topic covered.

An excerpt of the interview below:

Susan Harbison:  802.11n seems to be a hot topic could you tell me a little bit about that?          

Steven Ross:  802.11n is a standard industry manufacturers have been working on for several years now and it’s finally been ratified.  What 802.11n offers are speeds and throughputs comparable to traditional wired networks finally enabling a fully wireless enterprise.         

Susan Harbison:  Why would a business need P.O.E. (Power over Ethernet)?

Steven Ross:  Any business looking to upgrade to IP Telephony, wireless access point or IP surveillance cameras needs to look at P.O.E. as it’s the most efficient method of powering those devices.

To watch the full interview click here.

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