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NICE SmartCenter maximizes the value businesses generate from their Customer Dynamics-the complex maze of interactions occurring between customers and organization across all touch points.  NICE SmartCenter drives top-bottom-line improvements across the enterprise by ensuring compliance and mitigating risks streamlining operations, differentiating the customer experience and expanding the effectiveness of sales and marketing initiatives.

NICE SmartCenter Business Solutions optimize Customer Dynamics to target key business issues.  These solutions encapsulate industry best practices, pre-built content and closed-loop workflows to allow rapid implementation and deliver continuous business value.

NICE Systems is a Hiscall, Inc. partner and delivers powerful Call Center Solutions.

Business Solutions to Differentiate the Customer Experience

Differentiation based on compelling customer experience is difficult for competitors to counter.  It lasts.  To consistently exceed expectations and build loyalty, companies must understand their customers’ needs and desires-their intent.  NICE SmartCenter delivers this intimate level of understanding.  What services of products do customers want?  What would they consider remarkable enough to tell others?  What makes them think about leaving?  With these crucial insights, business can create long lasting customer relationships that withstand competitive threats.

First Contact Resolution-discover when, how and why customers contact your business to identify repeat interactions that can be avoided

Customer Satisfaction-obtain a holistic view of the customer experience across multiple interactions and contact channels to consistently exceed expectations and build brand loyalty

Channel Optimization-identify the best channel for each contact and increase self-service channel usage without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Hiscall, Inc. can help with all your business communication needs.  For more information about NICE Systems, please call your Hiscall, Inc. Account Consultant directly, visit or call 866-740-7771.

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