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Workforce mobility and collaboration are very important to businesses as they move forward.  Not only does mobility allow employees to be their most productive but collaboration assemblies the entire group together to get fast answers.

Deborah Plante, Avaya Systems Engineer for the Southeast, spoke with Sid Smith in the Hiscall Marketing Department to share with us how Avaya Data Products are aiding in the effort to help businesses achieve mobility and collaboration goals.

Hiscall is a Gold Level Avaya partner and is certified in Avaya Data Products.

Here is an excerpt of the interview below:

Sid Smith: We hear this buzz about collaboration and some of the challenges with data networking are all these separate silos, but all that is changing with collaboration.  How do you see those changes?

Deborah Plante:  Collaboration is a huge topic in our industry with communication and it’s actually one of our foremost projects that Avaya is concentrating on.  Our collaboration tools are state of the art and it encompasses our whole portfolio of products from the data line all the way up to the end user experiences…

Sid Smith: How is mobility affecting data networks?

Deborah Plante:  Mobility is the absolutely the future.  People use to come to their office and sit at their desks and do their work inside the four walls and that transition outside the four walls is the present and the future.  Employees are not coming to their home offices as much as they use to, they’re at branch offices, they’re working virtual office, they’re out in the field with their customers.  Companies need to enable their employees to be connected to all the enterprise tools anywhere, anytime…

To watch the full interview click here.

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