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During an Extreme Networks corporate visit, Brian Jones, Hiscall’s channel manager for the southeast took some time to introduce us to Extreme Network’s new Smart EnterpriseSmart Enterprise is a combination of hardware and software and is able to respond to situations based upon certain guidelines set in place.

Here is an excerpt of the interview below:

Sid Smith:  Are all networks the same?

Brian Jones: Great question and no they’re really not.  At Extreme Networks we’ve been building intelligence and automation into networks for a number of years; just recently we’ve come up with an enhancement that we call the Smart Enterprise.

Brian Jones:  The Smart Enterprise is really taking the network to a different level.  A lot of companies think of networks as just plumbing inside the building that moves data from one place to another.  Well, what if a company had a network that knew who was in the building and could respond to that and based upon a set of policies set quality of service parameters?  Turn on and off lights and things like that.  Maybe there’s a group of people in a call center that have specific hours that they work and when there not there we can automatically turn the network down…

To watch the full interview click here.

Sid Smith is the Marketing Director for Hiscall, Inc.

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