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BridgeWave Communications, Inc. is the leading supplier of wireless gigabit solutions, including point-to-point wireless bridges.  Their portfolio included solutions that provide reliable wireless to the campuses of schools and universities.

Educational institutes have been leading adopters of both wireless technologies and high-capacity wired networks. The prevalence of multi-building campus settings and the regular need to connect off-campus buildings into the core LAN drives the use of metro fiber optic cabling and high-capacity point-to-point wireless links to provide ubiquitous high-capacity user access.

BridgeWave’s full-rate GigE links deliver the performance required for educational applications without the cost penalty associated with lower-frequency alternatives. BridgeWave 60 GHz and 80 GHz links provide a natural growth path for the 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless links historically deployed by many educational institutions, without the risks of interference that have become all too common in these “Wi-Fi” frequency bands.

Schools and Districts can count on BridgeWave’s technology and products for campus connectivity, Wi-Fi and security camera backhaul, and connectivity to service provider fiber.

BridgeWave is setting the standard for product quality, ensuring the highest levels of product reliability and customer satisfaction. High performance, lower costs, ease of operation and excellent wireless network security deliver a superior alternative to fiber-based solutions, including wireless backhaul and 4G mobile network requirements.

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