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Computer Instruments is a developer of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications and one of the oldest Independent Software Vendors still in existence today.  CI is a proud member of the Avaya Developer Connection Program, and one of the few distributor-based IVR providers.

Here’s a taste of how 25 years of application development has produced solutions for most industries:

Homeland Security to improve safety

  • Campus Notification for college campuses or multi-floor/ multi-building and Corporate campuses

Healthcare applications with a powerful ROI

  • Applications
  • Lab Results
  • Prescription Refill

Automated dialing applications

  • Power Dialer
  • Community Notification
  • Agent Click-To-Dial

And applications for Government, Contact Centers, Real Estate, Retail and more.

CI provides complete solution services which include discovery, turnkey designs, live demonstrations, onsite installation and training, and in-house support; all performed by CI employees from their centrally based headquarters in Kansas City.  CI’s fundamental business model is “Integrity at all cost.”

More CI Solutions

  • e-IVR Application Portal
  • e-IVR Portal Platforms
  • Self-Service Applications
  • IP Phone Applications
  • Marketing Materials
  • Application Development

Hiscall, Inc. can help with all your business communication needs.  For more information about Computer Instruments please call your Hiscall, Inc. Account Consultant directly, visit or call 866-740-7771.

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