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Imagine a desk phone, combined with a tablet, with the functionality of both. Dream no more. NEC’s new UT880 telephone is exactly that.

Change the way you look at your desk phone.

The UT880 is a combination of a traditional desk phone and tablet. Its unique design allows users the best of both worlds. It has a built-in camera for video conferencing and full color 7-inch display screen with multi-touch capabilities. The UT880 runs on Android operating systems, making it very customizable and easy to upgrade.

As a telephone, UT880 offers 32 line keys and Bluetooth capabilities. All the features of NEC’s Unified Communications client are at your fingertips, including presence, instant messaging and call control. On the Android tablet users can access their email, contact and other ut

Other features:
• Android OS support
• USB port
• Multiline SIP client that emulates an NEC telephone
• Open interface for application developments
• NEC platform voice functionality and hands-free, wide-band speakerphone

Find out more by requesting a free demo here.

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