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In today’s office environment more employees are sharing office space. This means greater distraction from the additional ambient noises. Noise reduction, or lessening the effect, is a large part of office design. Design professionals use the ABC method to control inevitable environmental sounds.

A – Absorb: Ceiling tiles, carpet

B – Block: Partitions, walls, doors

C – Cover: Sound masking

A combination of ABC is best. However, sound masking can work as a standalone solution. Sound masking is a cost-effective solution to noisy distractions and lack of privacy. It is easy to customize and expand. Zones can be set and volume adjusted to fit your office needs. Sound masking is not white noise; although it is commonly referred to as such. This is actually inaccurate. White noise is a specific type of noise used in early sound masking. Today’s sound masking employs a wide spectrum of sound that covers the range of human speech thus reducing the intelligibility of the speech around us. By introducing more noise, sound masking limits what we hear and understand.

Why do I need sound masking?

  • Privacy –Sound masking devices are effective in reducing the intelligibility of conversations containing sensitive information. Many industries have regulation mandating customer data protection. By employing sound masking, businesses can adhere to industry regulations and reduce liability.
  • Distractions – Noise distraction is a common problem in shared workspaces. Each time we are distracted it takes a few minutes to refocus our attention. Because of increased shared office space, distractions are hard to avoid. Reducing noise distractions can save money, increase employee satisfaction and improve customer experience.

Who needs sound masking?

  • Call Centers
  • Healthcare
  • Law Offices
  • Government Offices
  • Financial Services
  • Conference Centers
  • Hospitality

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