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Recently Sam Watkins, Southeastern Regional Sales Manager of TekTone sat down and spoke with us about some of the applications TekTone is able to offer healthcare facilities. TekTone’s Nurse Call Systems allow easy monitoring and promote safety in health care environments. In additions to designing and manufacturing nurse call systems, TekTone also offers wireless emergency call, apartment entry systems, and area of rescue assistance systems. Hiscall is a partner of TekTone and carries and installs these products. Below are highlights of our interview:

Susan Harbison: What type of facilities are TekTone products are installed in?
Sam Watkins: TekTone installs our Nurse Call life safety systems into Acute care hospitals, Rehabilitative hospitals, Skilled nursing home, and Senior living facilities.

Susan Harbison: How can TekTone solve marketing issues in senior living facilities?
Sam Watkins: TekTone has a wireless solution that can be installed in a senor living facility whether it’s a campus wide environment of many acres or a high rise building and we provide coverage for the entire community.

You can also watch the full interview online at:

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