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What is a carrier?

According to Newton’s Telecom Dictionary, one of the definitions of a carrier is “A company Carrier Services pictureswhich provides communications circuits.”

Put simply a carrier provides dial tone to homes and businesses. AT&T, Comcast and Windstream are all carriers.

How can Hiscall help with my carrier services?
The process of getting an issue resolved with your carrier can be tedious and frustrating. Our Carrier Services Manager is experienced in talking with carriers and helping customers navigate the process. Watch our interview with her here.

We can help your business with:
• Office moves
• Line forwarding or number rerouting
• Purchasing a block of numbers
• Acting as a liaison between customer and carrier
• Navigating outages, quotes, orders and contracts

Can you help me get better pricing on my monthly telecom bill?
Possibly. Our Carrier Services Manager will review your current bill to see if you can take advantage of some savings. Many times customers are overpaying or paying for services they no longer use. We can also compare your rate with other carriers to see if you can get a better deal.

Let us help take the stress out of getting dial tone to your office. Call Hiscall today. (866) 740-7771.

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