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Avaya IP Office enables small and medium-sized business the communication capabilities previously enjoyed only by large companies.  IP Office allows employees to seamlessly communicate from anywhere and is designed for home offices, branch offices, and standalone businesses.

Steve Tallman is the Southeast Channel Manager for Avaya products.  He spoke with Sid Smith in the Hiscall Marketing Department about some functions of IP Office that makes it invaluable to small businesses today.  Hiscall is a Gold Level Avaya Partner.

Here is an excerpt of the interview below:

Sid Smith:  Steve, what’s new with Avaya small business systems?

Steve Tallman:  One of the things that is very timely right now, we’ve just had a heck of a winter, the whole US especially the southeast, lot of snow, lots of ice, consequently small businesses have been impacted, a lot of their employees haven’t been able to come into the office.  The offices have been closed and customer service and sales have been impacted.  Now if these offices had had IP Office utilizing what we call one-X which stands for one-X experience their employees would be able to work from home and be able to receive calls from the business and originate calls.

Sid Smith: What other productivity improvements have you seen in small business telephone systems?

Steve Tallman: One of the major enhancements is small businesses often have multiple locations.  Some of the many clients we have are medical clinics.  Traditionally medical clinics have multiple offices in different areas around the geography of a metropolitan city, not necessarily open on a given day.  One advantage of IP Office is it only requires one attendant to operate.  So through that one attendant, that individual can transfer all the calls that may be coming in, route them to the appropriate location.  Then at the same time have visibility to who is on the phone, presence of location, what’s going on in each location, and be able to handle that call like they were physically in that location

To watch the full interview click here.

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