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Dialing 911 in the United States is supposed to connect you to the nearest emergency dispatch center. But what if 911 is dialed from a multi-story office building? Do you know which extension made the call? Is that person located on the 1st floor or the 6th floor? With employees increasingly less attached to a fixed, assigned workstation, knowing the exact location would enable emergency responders to know where they need to go to deliver help.

FCC Regulations Kari’s Law and Ray Baum Act are in place to ensure users can simply dial 911, key personnel are notified of the emergency call and a dispatchable location is delivered to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) with a 911 call. Compliance with these 911 regulations sets the stage for better emergency outcomes. Some communication systems come standard with these features, while others require additional applications. Today’s 911 applications can link your telephone number to a physical address, provide at least floor level information, and potentially suite and/or room level information.

Hiscall offers 911 solutions that include:

  • Routing of call and displaying precise location information to the appropriate PSAP
  • Simplified location management (endpoint adds and updates)
  • Designated (i.e. security or front desk) notification to support regulatory requirements
  • Specific use cases for fixed or mobile/nomadic users
  • Detailed 911 call reporting
  • Endpoint testing

What is being regulated by the FCC?
Contact Hiscall to learn what is possible with today’s technology and deploy your communication system with FCC regulatory compliance for Kari’s Law & Ray Baum Act.


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