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On a recent Hiscall Technology Podcast, Hiscall President/CEO Gary Luffman stated, “Redundancy is critical.”  Not having redundancy of your communication resources is very risky.  If an outage occurs, can your business afford to have all of your communication channels down?  Avoiding single points of failure is vital for any number of reasons, whether it has to do with physical damage, human error, or hostile action. You want your network to be able to adjust easily to adversity or change.

Partner with Hiscall to revisit your network architecture and develop a recovery plan that will keep your business communicating, no matter what takes your communications down.  Diversify your carriers in the market and give yourself peace of mind.

At Hiscall . . . .

We believe redundancy, backups and a solid disaster recovery plan are important.

We have incorporated multi-carrier redundancy for failover and maximum resiliency.

We diversify our network with redundant paths to ensure transition to backup is seamless.

Commitment to long range planning and modernization improvements are key.

We have priority dispatch services available 24/7/365 with US-based customer support.

We have numerous backup power supplies with different fuel sources should power fail.

Hiscall Emergency Response Operations (H.E.R.O.) ready to deploy at a moments notice.

As a Hiscall customer, you are always treated with friendliness, honesty and respect.

Talk to your Hiscall Account Consultant about Redundancy Solutions for your business today.









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