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September is National Preparedness Month, first observed in 2004 and sponsored by FEMA.

Dealing with natural and man-made disasters and emergencies can be stressful and dangerous for individuals and businesses alike.  It is vital that employers and employees be prepared for the worst case scenario.  Unfortunately the need for preparation isn’t always recognized until something disastrous does happen.

Emergency planning and preparation is important in an organization’s ability to cope and bounce back from unexpected crises.

The H.E.R.O. Program is Hiscall’s answer to the uncertainty of doing business during crisis can bring.  The H.E.R.O. (Hiscall Emergency Response Operations) Program brings together Hiscall’s customers service dedication and expertise with a responsiveness unmatched by other service providers.

We recognize that regardless of how robust a communications system is or the level of expertise that has contributed to its design and installation, disruptions in service still may occur. Many of those disruptions can neither be anticipated nor controlled – but their impact can be mitigated by a dedicated rapid response.

The Hiscall H.E.R.O. program includes:

  • 75 Emergency Response Vehicles
  • Service Hotline equipped and staffed for standard service inquiries and rapid emergency response
  • BISCI certified designers and technicians
  • Over $2 million of repair parts stored at Hiscall facilities
  • Company-owned aircraft to deliver technicians & equipment within hours
  • Mobile Communications Center (MCC) – specially equipped fleet of vehicles that can be deployed to customers needing temporary increase in bandwidth or service for special events, or who may have experienced service interruptions

Celebrate National Preparedness Month by formulating a plan today!

Hiscall, Inc. can help with all your business communication needs.  For more information about H.E.R.O. program, please call your Hiscall, Inc. Account Consultant directly, visit or call 866-740-7771.

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