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Scopia® Mobile provides applications for video conferencing, conference control, and management for smartphones and tablets supporting Apple® iOS and Google Android™ when connected over mobile broadband or Wi-Fi.

Last week Hiscall and Avaya hosted lunch in Nashville and Knoxville which featured IPOffice and Radvision’s Scopia®. Attendees of the Scopia® portion of the Avaya lunch were able to use their smart devices to participate in the Scopia® Mobile demonstration.

After downloading the app, users entered the virtual conference room and were connected, via video, with the other parties on the call. The video was very clear, quick and users were able to rearrange the video tiles to correlate with the current speaker.

Scopia® Mobile allows users to video conference where ever they are at the moment; when they are needed. Travelers can connect from the airport, their hotel room, back to their home office and to other remote users. In addition, Scopia® can integrate with a company’s existing video system at the office or can be accessed by a browser url, allowing extremely easy deployment and implementation.

Presentations and slideshows can be uploaded before or during the meeting to add another dimension to the video conference. Callers can flip back and forth from the video to the slides and linger at their leisure. Late arrivers can start at the beginning and catch up at their own pace. When the presentation is over the slides are still part of the presentation and able to be downloaded.

Check out this Scopia® Mobile Video. Let us know in the comments section if you would like a free demo of Scopia® Mobile.

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