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By Tiffany Dawson

Two Hiscall employees recently attended SpinetiX Digital Signage Academy in Alpharetta, Georgia featuring the latest advances in Digital Signage.

Award-winning Swiss Digital Signage manufacturer, SpinetiX, are the creators of the HMP Hyper Media Players and Fusion Software allowing any digital display to be turned into an autonomous and networked device. Multiple screens can be connected together and given the same or multiple dynamic content feeds. The screens may be scattered across multiple locations or, in the case of a videowall, literally bolted together. The Players are compact, use low power and have a product life-time warranty.

SpinetiX offers solutions for small, medium and large applications. You can start with a single screen and grow your system as large as you wish while protecting your investment. With SpinetiX Digital Signage, you can stand the challenges of the future. New initiatives like interactive displays, pre-defined corporate messaging, train¬ings and content updates from the chain staff are now avail¬able in their proposition.

Whether you have one location or multiple, SpinetiX has a solution for your digital signage needs. To learn more about SpinetiX Digital Signage, please visit our SpinetiX page or call 866-740-7771.

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