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Extreme Networks is the official WiFi provider of the National Football League. For the fifth year in a row, Extreme Networks is the Official Wi-Fi Analytics Provider of the Super Bowl. Following Super Bowl LIII, Extreme Networks published insights for data usage at the Big Game. The percentage of fans who access the Wi-Fi network during the big game continues to increase year over year. According to Extreme Networks, 40,033 fans, 59% of those in attendance, accessed the Wi-Fi network at Super Bowl LII.

Wi-Fi Usage Insights from Extreme Networks at Super Bowl LII

  • 59% of fans in attendance (40,033) accessed the Wi-Fi network
  • 25,670 Peak concurrent users connected to Wi-Fi
  • Fans at Super Bowl LII transferred 16.31 TBs of data across the stadium network
  • 2.6 TBs of social media data was transferred
  • 7.8 TBs of cloud storage was transferred
  • iTunes was the top streaming application
  • Facebook the top social application

This is all very interesting information, but what do you do with it? The data provides visibility into your network that is not available with traditional reporting allowing you to better understand how your network is being used. With the granular insights you will know who is using what application, when, and where. With this information, you will better understand usage patterns. Understanding how and what is using your network also enables you to better secure the network by detecting and preventing shadow IT and blocking unwanted applications.

View Extreme Netowork’s Super Bowl LIII Infographic here.

Extreme Networks recently stopped by the Hiscall office to provide product training for our great sales staff. While in the office, we took advantage of the opportunity to record a new episode of the Hiscall Technology Podcast. On this episode, Chuck Culwell is joined by a team from Extreme Networks for a roundtable discussion of network infrastructure, analytics, security, and Extreme Connect 2019 in Nashville, TN.

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