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 “Your business is very important to us…. please hold for the next available representative…….”

Sound familiar? Hearing a message like that can be very frustrating, especially in today’s time when everyone is in a hurry.

Imagine instead of the usual on-hold message, you hear; …… If you would like to continue to hold press 1, or if you would like a call back press 2.”

What is Call Back Messaging?

Call Back Messaging is a feature that allows callers to control the flow of the call by 1) choosing not to hang on the phone in queue and 2) leave contact information so you can go about your day.

Hiscall has partnered with CI, a leading software manufacturer of IVR, CTI, Call Back, Outbound, Messaging, IP Phone applications and mobility solutions for the contact center. CI’s Call Back Application provides the option to either put the agent (CBM Standard) or the caller (CBM Plus) in control of when to trigger the call back. Both are valid options when it comes to a Call Back Messaging solution and the reasons for doing so are:

  • CBM Standard is considered an “Agent First” call flow.  Callers are offered the option to continue holding or to leave a telephone number and optional message to receive a call back by an agent.  If the caller opts for a callback, upon hanging up, a new call is generated and placed into the queue. This option is frequently chosen when it is imperative the agent have as much information on their desktop prior to the call back.
  • CBM Plus is considered a “Caller First” call flow.  This gives callers in queue the option to leave a “Call Back Message” The application will hold the caller’s place in queue and call the customer back when turn is up.  Upon answer the caller is connected to an available agent.

What better way to let your customers know you value their time than putting them in the driver’s seat! Need more reasons to add call back messaging to your call center application?

  • Eliminate unnecessary stress on overly busy agents
  • Improve customer satisfaction rates
  • Reduce abandoned calls
  • Everybody wins when the caller is not waiting on hold
  • Streamline call handling and service responses
  • Agents are more prepared on the “first call”

From telephone technology to data networking, Hiscall delivers solutions and services, day and night. Hiscall ensures we are always on track to technologies’ possibilities. Contact Hiscall today to get the highest quality call center applications and service that exceeds expectations! Give us a call at (866) 740-7771.

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