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Is your critical equipment getting too hot at 2am on a Sunday morning? Is your server room taking on water after an all-night rain? Is a potential threat in your building and you need to lockdown and send immediate notifications to staff and visitors?

We can all agree that we live in a world with a lot going on. It is impossible for one person or even a team of people to have their eyes on everything at all times. We constantly rely on technology to be our eyes and ears when we are not around, to monitor what we can’t.

Knowledge is power. And knowing what is going on at your facility at all times can be very powerful information. You not only need to receive that information but you need it before, or as, it is happening. After the fact is often too late.

Status Solutions believes situational awareness is vital to risk management. Their SARA System (Situational Awareness and Response Assistant) has a full range of alerts and options. Here are only a few of the applications that help you keep an eye on your facility and give you real-time information:

  • Emergency pull stations
  • Lockdown notifications
  • Integration with indoor and outdoor security
  • Door/window contact alarms
  • Motion detectors
  • Inclement weather alerts
  • Fixed and mobile duress buttons
  • Sensors on HVAC, power generators, etc.

Status Solutions is one company for all your alarms. They can integrate with each other to create seamless coverage and reporting. SARA also works with your current alarms to offer reporting and enhance the information you receive.

Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education and Government: Status Solutions has a Situational awareness has a solution for any industry.

Call Hiscall at (866) 740-7771 to find out how Status Solution can make a difference in keeping your facility safe and running.

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